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by Ted Kasten, Founder of PlayerSearch

Facebook Rolls Out Microsoft Live Search

More information is available at:

Many people have been wondering why Microsoft didn’t do this earlier after they inked the advertising deal with Facebook that included an equity stake.  At this point, the search results are no different than what you get outside of Facebook.  I am assuming this is version one and that MSFT and Facebook will track the searching habits of the users over the coming months and eventually begin building in social features to improve the relevance of search results to users based on what their friends are clicking on.  I am not entirely convinced this will dramatically improve search results, but it will be interesting to see someone try.

Another good post on this is here.  According to the math Mark Hendrickson lays out, MSFT needs every user on facebook to make ten searches a month to increase MSFT’s total search queries by 420 million queries or about 42% of the 1 billion queries already being performed on Live Search.  That is a significant figure.  It won’t happen over night, but improved placement will make it easier for people to use and improved search results will make people want to use it.  It is still so easy to go to Google for a search, so MSFT is smart to bring the search tool to the user.


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Search, Aggregation, and Conversation: Keys to a Killer Web Service

I have to agree with this blog post on Mashable.  Search and aggregation are keys to PlayerSearch.  We have not added the conversation piece yet (we are still in alpha), but that is a logical next step.

They cover the search, aggregation and conversation components of some of the most popular and fastest growing web apps: facebook, twitter and friendfeed.

All of these services would probably consider the conversation piece to be their most important, but search and aggregation are still key components to making these web apps more useful.

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