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by Ted Kasten, Founder of PlayerSearch

Google News not as dominate as Google Search

While Google continues to increase is market share in search (68% and growing; second place Yahoo is at 20% and falling), ROI Research for Doubleclick reports that more people use to search for news than Google.  users still use many other sources to search for news.

Here are the top ten sites, with the percentage of participants who use them for news search:

  1. CNN – 57%
  2. Google – 53%
  3. MSNBC – 41%
  4. Yahoo – 40%
  5. – 31%
  6. – 25%
  7. YouTube – 22%
  8. Google News – 18%
  9. – 15%
  10. Google Video – 14%

The report has more statistics, but it is interesting to see how different the market is for news search than it is for general search.


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