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Updated Coverage of Supreme Court Decision

Don Walker of the Milwaukee JournalSentinel wrote this article that was on the front page of their business section today:

He includes a quick quote from me. I never received a cease-and-desist letter from MLB like many of my larger business partners (the Draft Analyzer includes players names and stats from our content providers, but we are well below the radar of MLB). But there was always a worry that if they did own the rights to players names that I would eventually have to get a license and pay them 7% of my top line revenue (equates to 20-30% of net income for a typical business) or that they would not provide me with a license and put me out of business entirely. With the possibility of having to give the leagues a significant chunk of my profits or be forced out of the market, I would not be able to raise enough capital for my business (i would have to give up a larger chunk of the company for less cash) and I would certainly spend less on improving my products/sites and have less incentive to take the risk of creating innovative new applications such as that revolve around these athletes. I could not imagine the negative effects on my business if I had to pay the major sports leagues every time someone did a search on

Here is a CNBC interview with Bob Bowman, CEO of

Here is a Fox Business News interview with Charlie Wiegert, Founder of CDM and defender of the free fantasy sports world:

Derrick Ekardt at RotoNation has some good links as well.


June 3, 2008 - Posted by | Supreme Court

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