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One Reason Why I Love Internet Applications

Matt Mullenweg was a keynote speaker at the recent Web 2.0 conference. He founded the company that created WordPress, the blog software that I use and that you are currently reading. He shared some stats that I love as a developer and entrepreneur. Matt’s company (which apparently still does not have office space – they all work remotely) has a small number of employees yet their product touches a huge amount of people. Here are the employees and visitors count that Matt shared during his speech:

March 2006: 5 employees; 2 million visitors

March 2007: 11 employees; 43.8 million visitors

March 2008: 20 employees; 168 million visitors

These figures include visitors to all WordPress blogs which number in the millions (99.999% of which are under 10,000 pageviews a day). With a great internet application and only 20 employees, WordPress is able to touch the lives of a significant percent of internet users worldwide. Know of any off-line company that ever reached 168 million people monthly with only 20 people and $0 in rent?!?!


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