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WSJ Adds Fantasy Sports Content

Sports fans now have another reputable source for great sports content, the Wall Street Journal! I have subscribed to the WSJ print edition since 1990. I have rarely used the on-line edition and their recent move towards providing more content for free didn’t really change my habits, but this new trend of adding good sports content just might! Here are articles one and two written by Nando Di Fino…certainly not fluff pieces! They also include a quick video interview with Nando which is a nice touch.

The WSJ clearly sees fantasy sports as good bait to lure a large and passionate audience (they need a huge audience to monetize their now free, ad-supported content). I will have to add WSJ to our search engine…

Thank you to DerrickEckardt at RotoNation for first reporting this very big news.


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Microsoft makes acquistions to grow presence in key verticals

Mashable has reported that Microsoft has acquired (travel website that predicts the price of airline tickets so users know when to buy at the cheapest price…what a great idea!). Microsoft has made public its intention of acquiring websites in key verticals to expand its advertising networks potential. Certainly a good sign for vertically focused websites with a unique offering to users that is able to build a large enough audience to get the attention of the big media players like Microsoft/MSN.

The rumored purchase price was $115 million. With about 1 million unique visitors according to, that places a hefty valuation of 115x monthly visitors. A similar merger in the on-line travel vertical was completed at a valuation of 100x monthly visitors. To put that in perspective, Google paid 23x monthly visitors for YouTube and News Corp paid 7.3x monthly visitors for MySpace. The key difference is that the on-line travel sites are able to monetize that traffic a lot more (CPMs for travel sites are among the industries higest). Also, keep in mind that YouTube had enormous traffic but didn’t have a proven business model…and the CPMs on MySpace are apparently in the nickel and dime range (among the lowest of any site).

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