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by Ted Kasten, Founder of PlayerSearch

WSJ traffic grows 175% thanks primarily to traffic from search engines, portals and aggregators

Peter Kafka at the Silicon Alley Insider reports that the traffic reached 15 million uniques in March, up 175% year over year, with 165 million page views, up 75% year over year. executive editor Alan Murray stated that “We’ve gotten much smarter about search engine optimization, and much smarter about working with portals and aggregators.”

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most recognized brands in finance. It says a lot when they are able to grow site traffic 175% by, in part, working better with portals and aggregators (PlayerSearch is an aggregator of sports content, although we go one step further and make the aggregated content searchable to provide more targeted news to the consumer as opposed to just providing the broad headlines). I say “in part” because they recently began offering a lot more content for free so there is more reason for these visitors to go to Once they went free, working with search engines, portals and aggregators has certainly driven an enormous amount of traffic to their site (there are only a select few big media websites that large growing that fast). This is a large part of the value PlayerSearch brings to publishers that include their content in our search results.  There are still a lot of publishers that don’t comprehend or trust the value of working with aggregators…this is a major proof point.

This is the other side of the open platform approach big media should take that Kara Swisher of WSJ talked about with Jay Addelson.


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