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by Ted Kasten, Founder of PlayerSearch

Sports enthusiasts don’t use Google to find Sports content

According to the most recent Hitwise press release, only 12.93% of visitors to sports related websites arrive through the top 50 search engines. This is the lowest figure of any content category including Health, Travel, Shopping, Entertainment, and Finance. Combine this information with the fact that demand for sports content is higher than ever and I think it is clear users know that general search engines do not provide very good results for sports searches. Most sports enthusiasts go directly to ESPN and the local website or blogs for their favorite team. They understand there is a lot more news coverage available, but they don’t have the time to go to each individual site, or find new sites, to search for their coverage of their favorite players or teams (sports fans demand for sports news and analysis is unlimited…but their time is not). At this point all sports fans are well aware of Google, but they clearly don’t go there either because the search results are not very good for sports.

I believe this is a clear indication that there is a huge void in the sports search space with incredibly high demand for sports content (over 60 million people visiting sports content sites and about 15 million people playing fantasy sports games) yet no great search solution. Clearly people are not going to Google to get their fix of sports news and analysis. The top search engines currently account for 45.10% of the traffic to health related sites (this figure includes traffic from the top general search engines such as Google as well as health specific search engines like Healthline; I don’t have market share data but clearly Healthline has been able to capture a small but significant share of health related searches). If we can get the search experience for sports correct, there is clearly a lot of room to grow this category.


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